Title Insurance

Once your ratified contract is placed with us, we will order a title examination of the property to determine its ownership history, revealing any easements, restrictions, and any liens that may encumber the property. We then perform corrective action, paying off liens and clearing title issues. It is our primary goal to insure that sellers give and purchasers receive good clear title to the subject property.

When the closing is complete, we record documents (the Deed and the Deed of Trust/ Mortgage) in the local Land Records. Once all documents have been recorded, all funds are disbursed and existing liens are paid off. We will then issue two policies: the lenders title policy insuring they are in 1st lien position, and the owners title policy, insuring the new owners’ property rights from the date of recording of the deed, backward in time. If any previous owners caused there to be “hidden defects”, the title insurer will defend your title/ownership rights.

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